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  • To empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to voice their political demands as active European citizens by creative means of e.g. theatre, music, dance, and express those on EU level;
  • To increase creative skills and raise self-esteem of young people;
  • To develop activist and advocacy skills to express young people demands on political level;
  • To develop methodologies and training materials tailored to the needs of youth workers, youth organisations and artists for the self-expression and expression of political demands of young people to enable them to act in the present European context;
  • Bringing youth workers and artists together in trainings to learn from each other, develop creative methods together and put those in methodological guides.


  • Establishment of a project sounding board per country of 5-7 young people enabling youth to directly participate in the design of project activities;
  • 6 local creative and policy demands workshops at national level;
  • 3 blended mobility (Austria, Italy, Belgium) for 13 young people, 2 accompanying youth workers and 2 artistic trainers to develop creative ways to express their demands together and present them in a final performance in the European Parliament.


  • Digital toolbox for creative workshops using artistic methods to enable self-expression of disadvantaged youth and enable learning with all senses and creative methods for active citizenship;
  • Digital toolbox for advocacy and activist skills for political participation of young people who will be empowered to find and formulate demands and wishes and bring these demands to politicians on national and European level.


  • 52 young people enabled to express themselves creatively, work with others, participate politically and become active European citizens;
  • Tailored materials for empowerment, self-esteem, self-expression and expression of political demands of young people through creative methods developed;
  • Mutual exchange of knowledge, practices and methodologies amid NGOs and Artistic Organisations;
  • Creative, activist and advocacy skills developed among young people, youth workers and artists


Il progetto

MyCreativity – MyPower

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Data di attuazione

30/06/2021 – 29/06/2023

Istituzione Finanziatrice

DG EAC, National Agency (Austria), Erasmus+ Key Action 2 (KA2) – Partnership for Creativity



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