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Improving the quality of support system for study placements within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and stimulating innovative study placements by establishing permanent collaboration with Career Centers and NGOs, while adopting a student-centered approach, prioritizing the needs of students.


Positioned within the realms of education, training, and youth development, MILEAGE recognizes the pivotal role of mentors and career advisors in shaping the learning experience for apprentices. By training these mentors effectively, the project aims to foster a supportive environment that directly align with the aspirations and challenges faced by students, contributing to a more tailored and effective educational experience.

By refining mentoring techniques and streamlining the process of matching students with suitable NGOs, the project seeks to enhance the quality of student placements bridging gaps between academic knowledge and practical skills so that students can cultivate valuable skills, enhance their employability, and contribute meaningfully to society.


  • Ensuring inclusiveness of study placement services by building capacities of career counsellors and developing new services.
  • Improving the quality of study placements by building the competences and skills of coordinators and mentors.
  • Stimulating innovative pedagogies in HEIs by implementing MILEAGE study placements and forming a supportive environment for student placements.
  • Advocating for civic engagement through the recognition of community work in students’ academic results.


  • Development of career centre advisory services for students entering the study placement;
  • Training for career counsellors;
  • Training for study practice coordinators and mentors;
  • Onboarding students: Creative national communication campaign;
  • Piloting of MILEAGE study placement model.


  • Online APP MILEAGE for up-to-date search of study placements;
  • Digital support-box for career counsellors;
  • Digital support-box for HEI study placement coordinators;
  • Digital support-box for NGO mentors;
  • Quality standards for study placement in HEIs implementation;
  • Publication MILEAGE: TOWARDS EXCELLENCE: Quality support system for study placements;
  • Research article about importance of support system in implementation of HEI study placements;
  • Report on role of career-centres in study placement excellence.


  • Adopted innovative learning placements in participating HEIs.
  • Raised understanding of the relevance of mentoring in HEIs.
  • 36 career counsellors that attended the training and have acquired new knowledge about how to support the study placements in HEI;
  • 45 HEI study placement coordinators that attended the capacity building activities;
  • 45 NGO tutor that attended the capacity building activities;
  • 36 NGOs offering study placement environment for students;
  • 60 students taking part in piloting of the study placements (45 students with fewer opportunities);
  • 45 HEI professors (from at least 3HEIs), 18 career counsellors and 45 NGO workers (from at least 36 NGOs) involved in the piloting of the model;
  • 85 attendees at the international online conference.


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MILEAGE – Mentorship development for quality practices in higher education

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01/09/2023 – 31/08/2025

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Erasmus+ – KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education



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