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LIVERUR aims at expanding an extremely innovative business model called Living Labs (LL) among the rural regions.

LIVERUR project identifies Living Labs as innovative business models that are currently developing in rural areas and it will:

  • undertake socioeconomic analysis to identify, describe and benchmark differences between the new Living Lab approach and more entrepreneurial traditional approaches (mass production, development of prices, optimising the cost structures with the enterprises, rationalisation).
  • utilize the open innovation concept in a wider sense, with success/failure rate determined by empirically based research key factors.

Since there is still a lack of empirically grounded studies in:

  • the short term objective of LIVERUR is to improve knowledge of business models growing in rural areas, including a thorough understanding of their potential.
  • the long term the project will increase the potential for rural economic diversification.


  • Conceptualisation of existing rural business models in EU and regional areas.
  • Study of the living lab technique. Feasibility assessment on the integration process in the consortium territories.
  • Development of innovative models in existing territorial rural business areas in the consortium.
  • Development of a regional circular living lab business model.
  • Piloting actions for implementing the new business model (13 piloting territories, a circular living lab toolbox for LLs management, the new rural business model catalogue to present best practices).
  • Development of the regional circular living lab tool for entrepreneurs in rural areas (round tables with entrepreneurs and creation of an ICT enabled platform for entrepreneurs).


  • Report of existing business model in EU countries and regions
  • Report on benchmarking criteria creation
  • Report on identified weaknesses and challenges
  • Report on the creation of the benchmarking study
  • Report of Case studies on rural living lab`s definitions
  • Report of “Mapping the living lab technique”
  • Report of Analysis of the implementation challenges
  • Benchmarking of traditional value vs platform based living lab concept
  • Report on Development of innovative models
  • Report on the suitable business models identified for each piloting territory
  • Report on the multi – modal approach for including circular approaches utilizing system dynamics
  • Report on the generation of the concept of Regional Circular Living Lab Approach in rural areas
  • Report on the development of territorial guidelines
  • Circular Rural Business Hub: data base for piloting and stakeholders’ involvement
  • Testing piloting areas orientations for the Toolbox
  • LIVERUR Pilot Impact Assessment Report
  • Knowledge Transfer Sessions
  • New Rural Business Model Catalogue – A step by step guide with the best practices Case Studies
  • Report on the establishment of the RAIN Entrepreneurial Tool and evaluation
  • LIVERUR Recommendations


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LIVERUR – Living Lab research concept in Rural Areas

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01/05/2018 - 31/10/2021

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Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation action



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