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  • Promoting the human values of solidarity& respect for difference, and the sense of active participation and volunteering.
  • Promoting employment of creative non-formal educational methods.
  • Promoting in both host and sending communities values of respect for difference and solidarity.
  • Increasing awareness in youth of their cultural differences and their value.
  • Contributing to the development in youth of personal and professional skills.
  • Participating actively in the development of host communities.


  • Environment: conservation of habitat for wildlife e.g. vegetation clearance, maintenance of water courses; monitoring of species numbers; development of trails which avoid wildlife being disturbed.
  • Media – music: using music to help young people express themselves; producing music from recording studio to point of sale; film production – techniques and processes.
  • Youth and community work: participants work at a youth centre with children and young people, e.g. organising a football tournament for young people from different sectors of the community, or participants use their creative skills to help local young people express themselves through art, music, dance, theatre, etc. Precise activities reflect the personal learning goals of individual participants.



  • Coordinator: (Italy and Cambodia)
  • Eurocultura Vicenza (Italy)
  • Vertigem (Portugal)
  • Youth For Peace (Cambodia)
  • Khmer Youth and Social Development Organization (Cambodia)
  • Youth Resource Development Program (Cambodia)

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01/02/2010 – 31/08/2010

Istituzione Finanziatrice

DG EAC, Youth in Action, Action 2 – European Voluntary Service



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