INTERBA – INTERnationalization at Home: Embedding Approaches and Structures to Foster Internationalization at Western BAlkans

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The main aim of the project is to strengthen the international, intercultural and global dimension via Internationalisation at Home implementation at partner Higher Eduation Institutions (HEI) in order to enhance the quality of education and make a meaningful contribution to society.

Specific Objectives:

  • To formulate a coherent and detailed Internationalisation at Home concept that could be mainstreamed into the partner HEIs Roadmaps following on from their specific exigencies;
  • To level up the scope and viability of Internationalisation at Home activities implemented in partner HEIs;
  • To train an expert pool capable of developing and integrating Internationalisation at Home into HEI environment;
  • To launch an online platform as a tool for Internationalisation at Home implementation;
  • To establish/modernize the existing structure/entities responsible for Internationalisation at Home at HEIs.


  • Perform Needs Analysis at institutional, national and regional level and outline priority areas for internationalization;
  • Create a knowledge repository base and networks of knowledge experts at institutional, national and regional level, including a coordination model for using existing resources;
  • Create training contents for members of expert networks, including guidelines on how to prepare short training opportunities for delivering knowledge to others and guidelines for putting together Request for Knowledge documents submitted to the network of experts;
  • Train core staff from all institutions in EU through Train the Trainers workshops and organize pilot training in all partner countries;
  • Create Moodle structures for the delivery of e-learning.


  • Needs Analysis on existing knowledge capital and gaps, defining prioritization of internationalization areas;
  • Knowledge repository;
  • Network of knowledge experts and coordination model to bring together knowledge cases to knowledge gaps;
  • Training content for capacity building in internationalization;
  • Training toolkit (materials, training portfolio and list of trained and re-trained academics);
  • E-learning platform for delivery, support and exchange of existing and new knowledge capital.


  • Increase of the research capacities and the quality of the research of Partner Country universities,
  • Initiation of a continuous process of cooperation in research and innovation between universities and local enterprises.


The project

Project Number

Date of the project

15/11/2019 - 14/11/2022

DG of reference

EAC, Erasmus+ Key Action 2, Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education



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