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  • Building a social network, composed also by representatives of the local communities;
  • Introducing migrants to the new socio-economic context through propaedeutic activities to the entry into the labour market;
  • Building empathy and trust between newcomers and local communities


  • Research on the local contexts, where the campaigns will be improved, to define strategic action plans to facilitate the social orientation and active participation of newly arrived third-country nationals and to foster exchanges between migrants and the receiving societies;
  • “Europe of Solidarity” campaign;
  • “Intercultural Europe” campaign;
  • “Intergenerational Europe” campaign;
  • “Let`s Go Forward Together” campaign


  • Policy recommendation paper addressing local, national and EU institutions to support the development of the supportive local cluster as measure of social cohesion.
  • Two publications comparing previous or parallel similar initiatives with the project (especially from the viewpoint of social contact theory and intercultural/interfaith activities);
  • Best Practices Manual from the “Let’s Go Forward Together” Campaign


  • Multidisciplinary approach between academic research and civil society initiatives,
  • High level of knowledge transferability between consortium partners,
  • Integration of different dimensions and holistic approach,
  • Reports, publications and manuals of best practices.


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INCLUSIVE EUROPE – Build Bonds Not Walls

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01/10/2020 – 01/10/2022

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