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iLikeIT2 aims to revolutionize collaborative learning by developing a user-friendly online application, integrating educational technology and collaborative work, enabling teachers to easily connect and engage students in randomized groups for anonymous, written discussions, fostering analytical and social skills in higher education and beyond.


Student engagement is a common challenge for educators at all levels of education. Issues such as lack of interest, distraction, differences in learning styles, and teaching approaches with minimal active participation and limited discussion times are widespread. Among the solutions to address these challenges, educational technology (EdTech) and collaborative work have proven effective. Collaborative work has the advantage of enhancing social skills and improving the learning environment, while new technologies enable increased engagement and motivation in the classroom, enhance peer learning, and provide teachers with the ability to receive immediate feedback from the group for timely corrections. The iLikeIT2 project aimed to contribute to a greater diversification of educational methodologies, encouraging educational institutions at all levels to adopt a student-centered learning approach.


  • To influence the way higher education institutions uses collaborative work in the classroom;
  • To research the potential new technology has concerning collaboration and active involvement for the students attending lectures;
  • To contribute towards a student-centered learning experience;
  • To develop and contribute to more variation in educational methodologies.


  • Testing and reporting on different tools for collaborative work;
  • Development of a functioning prototype of a response tool/online application for online group work (iLikeIT2 software);
  • Development of a pedagogical strategy and methodological guidelines for collaborative work;
  • Piloting of the iLikeIT2 software with instructors and students;
  • Delivery of a Technical Toolkit for lecturers to work with the iLikeIT2 software.



  • More than 50 instructors informed and given access to the software;
  • 200 single users with an account on the software;
  • 300 students will be exposed to the system;
  • 10 institutions outside the consortium will benefit from testing and piloting methodology and software.


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iLikeIT2 – Learning Through Innovative Collaboration Enhanced by Educational Technology

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31/12/2020 – 30/12/2023

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DG EAC, Erasmus+: Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership in the field of Higher Education



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