Greentrepreneurship – Easier done than said


  • To foster cooperation and exchange of experiences and good practices in the field of green entrepreneurship and youth employability.
  • To contribute to developing the quality of support systems and the capabilities of youth NGOs dealing with unemployed young people and NEETs.
  • To up-skill youth workers and expand their capabilities in the field of green economy, sustainable entrepreneurship and to learn the methods of social innovation.
  • To improve young people’s level of skills, knowledge and competencies needed for their active participation in the labour market.
  • To build quality transnational non-formal learning mobility network that will be supporting new initiatives and activities on youth employability and green entrepreneurship for young people.


  • International Training Course on green economy and youth employability.
  • Local educational activities in each partner country.
  • Local information campaigns.
  • International youth exchange on green entrepreneurships.
  • Manual on green entrepreneurship and youth employability: guidelines on planning green business ideas.


  • Developing an educational module in the field of green entrepreneurship and youth employability.
  • Participating in an international training course to improve their didactic skills.
  • Pilot-testing the gained knowledge at local level in Slovenia, Portugal, Nepal, Tanzania, Argentina and Italy.
  • Working group activities and campaigns of unemployed youths, under the mentorship of youth workers.

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01/07/2015 – 30/06/2017

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