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Enable Roma youth and youth from disadvantaged communities to learn green entrepreneurship to contribute to local community development, in a sustainable way.


Sustainable entrepreneurship has great potential to mobilize young people to engage in major social goals, including job creation, poverty reduction, inclusion, and integration. Youth unemployment is a major social problem, which is expected to worsen as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic. As youth vulnerability continues to increase due to the crisis, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, particularly Roma, are in an even worse position.  GEA also promotes enterprises that do not have a negative local or global, community or economic impact.



  • Provide youth from disadvantaged backgrounds with training and mentoring on sustainable entrepreneurship and digital tools to support them in developing, starting, and promoting their green businesses.
  • Improve the digital skills of aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Provide best practices/methodologies for youth educators supporting the sustainable entrepreneurship sector.
  • Raise awareness of sustainable entrepreneurship among youth across Europe through intensive outreach and an online campaign.


  • Learning materials for aspiring entrepreneurs in green business to support future green entrepreneurs by providing practical guidance and advice in setting up their entrepreneurial activity.
  • Online platform where aspiring entrepreneurs can reach the learning materials, test their newly acquired knowledge, share ideas and experiences with their pairs through a dedicated forum, and watch educational materials-video articles.
  • Collection of best practices for entrepreneurs and educators produced.
  • 3-day training course on sustainable entrepreneurship for youth workers and professionals working with youth.
  • Final conference to present the project results and invite the top 5 youth participants (one per partner country) who developed the best green entrepreneurial ideas in the project to share their stories.


  • Learning manual
  • Online platform
  • Training course


  • Increased awareness about green entrepreneurship for fragile youths
  • Youth involved in the green entrepreneurship process
  • 10+ educators/youth workers trained to support disadvantaged youth on green entrepreneurship


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GEA – Green Entrepreneurs in Action

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01/12/2021 – 01/12/2023

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EACEA - Erasmus+ - KA2 COOPERATION AMONG ORGANISATIONS AND INSTITUTIONS – Cooperation partnerships in youth


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