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Support to people in conflict with the law through coaching activities that offer the opportunity to improve soft skills, in particular leadership, therefore countering the risk of reoffending.


Starting over after release from prison is never an easy transition. Although there are socio-cultural obstacles to rehabilitation, it can be facilitated by working on oneself to reconsider one’s scale of values, strengths and weaknesses, and personal abilities. On this basis, a need for alternative training paths emerges, that are centred on the enhancement of each individual’s potential, so as to facilitate reintegration into the community and combat recidivism.


  • Offer people in conflict with the law the opportunity to improve their life prospects through the enhancement of their personal, social and relational skills.
  • Contribute to breaking the vicious cycle of criminality and multiple prison stays.
  • Provide people in conflict with the law the skills to reintegrate into society after release from detention facilities or communities.


  • Research activities on the existing policies and practices for the support of people in conflict with the law.
  • Set up of National Reference Groups to oversee the project from an expert and practitioner perspective.
  • Educational activities for people in conflict with the law conducted through the FROG leadership and life mastery training methodology in detention settings and communities.
  • Organization of events aimed at disseminating the FROG methodology in all partner countries.



  • Strengthening the ability of people in conflict with the law to reintegrate into communities after release.
  • Expansion of the innovative educational resources available to educational staff working with people in conflict with the law.
  • Increased integrated and multidisciplinary approach to the education of people in conflict with the law.


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Road To Freedom

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01/03/2022 – 31/05/2024

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Erasmus + KA2 – Cooperation Partnership in Adult Education



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