• To stimulate intercultural dialogue using food as vehicle.
  • To promote cooperation between youth from EU and Asia.
  • To reinforce creativity, active citizenship, entrepreneurship of young people.
  • To raise awareness about intercultural issues, in particularly related to food traditions, healthy food and sustainable consumption and development among the wider society.



  • Research about traditional and healthy food and about sustainable consumption.
  • Training course in Beijing with young chefs, video makers and young social workers about the thematic of the project.
  • Culinary workshops, interviews and dissemination events at local and international level.
  • Creation of a video documentary about the project development/activities and research results.
  • Food Fair in Palermo with the involvement of partners participants and local realities working in the field of sustainable consumption and promotion of traditional and healthy food.


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01/12/2012 – 30/11/2013

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