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  • extending the skills of those involved in training with adults by preparing an OER containing an innovative and customized course called “Digital Life”;
  • increase the skills of those involved in training with adults by giving them a new methodology called “Digital Story Telling” in courses for disadvantaged and especially elderly learners;
  • develop an OER that is tailored to the needs of those involved in training with adults and the elderly in order to support the growth of digital skills for both groups;
  • disseminate the results of the project to as many adult educators as possible as well as to as many elders possible throughout Europe.


  • Creation of a “Digital Life” OER (Open Educational Resource) composed of 5 modules realized with the contribution of all partners and translated into 5 languages, to improve the skills and methodologies in the digital field of those who work in adult education;
  • Testing of educational resources with educators, involving at least 20 per country, for a total of 120 trainers for the entire project;
  • Implementation of an ad hoc training course conducted by at least 4 of the educators trained during the project involving at least 20 adults over 60 for a total of 120 people prepared through the educational resources created during the project;
  • Creation of a Handbook for educators working with adults on how to implement and present the “Digital Life” training course.


  • OER (Open Educational Resource) “Digital Life” created and available in 5 languages ​​on digital education;
  • Handbook in “How to implement the Digital Life course” created and available in 5 languages ​​for all educators who work with adults.


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DSC – Digital Senior Citizen

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01/09/2018 – 31/08/2021

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Erasmus + KA2 – Strategic Partnership for Adult Education



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