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Tackling online gender-based hate speech through a comprehensive mechanism for online media to effectively detect and respond the issue, and prevent violence and hate crimes.


In recent years, cyber violence and online hate speech against women have emerged as insidious forms of gender-based violence (GBV). These phenomena encompass a wide range of abuses, from “slut-shaming” and “body-shaming” to brutal and sexualized threats, including the dissemination of intimate content without consent (revenge porn). The rapid evolution of online platforms has created a fertile ground for gender-based hate speech, exploiting anonymity and the persistence of online data. This environment facilitates the spread of hateful messages that can have devastating consequences for victims, compromising their privacy, trust, and integrity.

Despite the growing incidence of this phenomenon, research on this form of violence is still in its infancy, and the available data is limited and often not disaggregated by gender. This limits the understanding of the prevalence and impact of online gender-based violence, making it difficult to develop effective policies to counter it.

The context in which CHASE operates highlights a lack of harmonized policies at the EU level to combat gender-based cyber violence and a general lack of awareness of the problem in both the public and private sectors. Additionally, while some initiatives have been undertaken to counter hate speech on social media, little has been done for other types of online media. There is a pressing need to provide media professionals with the tools and skills needed to effectively address gender-based hate speech, thus helping to protect EU values and rights.


  • Highlight the different patterns of gender-based hate speech and hate speech based on gender identity as they are expressed on online media platforms.
  • Build the capacities of professionals working for online media in identifying and dealing with cases of gender-based hate speech.
  • Improve access for CSOs/NGOs and human rights professionals to data on the scale and prevalence of gender-based hate speech, enhancing their ability to understand and tackle online expressions and newer forms of such hate speech.
  • Raise awareness among the public about human rights, respect for gender and gender identity, and foster critical thinking among online media users regarding stereotypes that cultivate gender-based discrimination and hate speech.


  • Research on the existing legal framework about online hate speech, the existing detection & response mechanisms for cases of online gender-based hate speech, the identification of all different patterns of online genderbased hate speech based.
  • Development of an ICT tool detecting online gender-based hate speech.
  • Design of a comprehensive mechanism for countering online gender-based hate speech and capacity building of online media staff & professionals.
  • Drafting, signature and promotion of Code of Conduct for online media platforms on combating online gender-based violence.
  • Awareness raising campaign implemented by online media towards their users and other media & dissemination activities.


  • Needs’ analysis report for online media
  • CHASE ICT tool
  • Comprehensive mechanism countering online gender-based hate speech
  • Code of Conduct for online media platforms
  • Dissemination and Awareness Raising Strategy


  • Increased capacities of at least 200 online media staff and professionals in identifiying and countering online gender-based hate speech.
  • Increased public awareness of at least 50.000 persons on what is gender-based hate speech and how it constitutes human rights violation.
  • Development of a comprehensive mechanism countering online gender-based hate speech, supported by a real time detection ICT tool.
  • Code of Conduct for online media platforms on combating online gender-based violence developed and signed by at least 24 media.
  • Increased knowledge of at least 50 CSOs/NGOs staff and/or human rights professionals with on new forms of online gender-based hate speech.


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CHASE – Combatting online Hate Speech by engaging online mEdia

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1/03/2024 – 28/02/2026

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Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, CERV-2023-CHAR-LITI – Promote civil society organisations’ awareness of, capacity building and implementation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights



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