Borgo di Dio – Protection and improvement of the historical-artistic and cultural heritage


  • Encouraging the economic development of the local population of the targeted area through training and social inclusion. Empowerment of people
  • Socio-cultural and artistic reference area, involving the local community, those at risk of social exclusion and emerging artists in cultural events that include music, theater, workshops, arts of painting and sculpture, photography and more. Empowerment of ideas
  • Renovation and development of a building of great historical value, returning a focal role in terms of social, cultural revival, economic development and tourism. Empowerment of the territory


  • Maieutic and Theatre workshops
  • Exhibition of local music and theatre groups
  • Exposition of photographs, pictures, sculptures or writings
  • Festivals and traditions that enhance the local products
  • Representative of Initiatives of the migrants’ cultures in the area
  • Restoration of “Borgo di Dio” Centre (the Centre’s activity was certainly one of the most important experience of community development observed in Italy in the nearly postwar period)



  • Coordinator: Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci
  • Association of social promotion Libera Palermo
  • Municipality of Trappeto (PA)

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Date of the project

01/04/2012 – 01/04/2014

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