WINGS: Reflecting on a successful event on socio-economic inclusion

Thursday 25 January 2024

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How to facilitate the socio-economic inclusion of women with migrant backgrounds? WINGS answers this important and topical question in a concrete way, offering them linguistic, psychological and professional support.

To celebrate the achievements and reflect on the challenges encountered as part of the project, a meeting was held in Palermo that brought together women who participated in WINGS, employers and professionals working with migrants, and anyone interested in the initiative. Also present were language trainers, psychologists and employment counselors who have contributed to the success of the project.

Thus, during the event, which took place on September 29, 2023, the WINGS training program was presented and the progress made by the women who took part was shown. Those in attendance were thus able to listen to life experiences in an informal and welcoming space, making new acquaintances and having the unique opportunity to interact with professionals in the field of migration.

A highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the last phase of the program, which involved the activation of training internships for women who took part in WINGS. Indeed, this was a concrete step toward achieving the project’s ultimate goals of turning training into concrete job opportunities.

Meanwhile, a special exhibition of storybooks created by the women of WINGS had been set up in the space that hosted the event. The exhibition was a touching visual representation of their journey, which also depicted the challenges they faced during the training program.

At the same time, the informal atmosphere encouraged participants to share experiences with other professionals and network. It was a collective celebration of the project’s achievements that fostered a sense of community and support and also served to demonstrate precisely the power of community, collaboration, and inclusiveness.

Although the event has concluded, the impact of WINGS continues to resonate, highlighting the importance of ongoing efforts to promote socioeconomic inclusion and gender equality.

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WINGS – Supporting Women survivors of trafficking through a Comprehensive Integration Programme is a project funded by by Erasmus+, DG Home Affairs – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), Assistance, support and integration of third-country national victims of trafficking in human beings.


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