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  • To stimulate local and transnational cooperation/sharing of experiences among local stakeholders/project partners regarding language training, psychological support and personalized employment counselling to TCN women VoT.
  • To facilitate durable solutions for the integration of TCN women VoT in the host societies and for their empowerment through the development of a generic framework for a survivor-centred integration and development of tailored local programmes.
  • To provide needs-based and tailored linguistic, psychological and employment support and improve competencies of TCN women VoT.
  • To raise awareness among local companies about important role of business sector in supporting vulnerable groups/providing opportunities to women VoT;
  • To sensitize general public and policy makers regarding survivor-centred integration strategies.


  • Local Round table on Language course with integrated psychological support for TCN women VoT;
  • Local Round table on Symbol work for counselling/individual support for employment/training opportunities;
  • International Forum;
  • Development of generic framework for the implementation of survivor-centred language teaching, psychological support and personalised employment counselling for TCN women VoT;
  • Development of 4 local tailored comprehensive survivor-centred integration programmes for Italy, Greece, Spain and Belgium;
  • Delivery of Comprehensive Integration Support Programme for 15 TCN women VoTs;
  • Creation of 15 internship opportunities for women VoTs in each partner country;
  • Organisation of scaling-up meetings with policy makers.


  • 4 Briefing papers on comprehensive integration support programmes for women VoTs;
  • WINGS Generic framework for a survivor-centred integration;
  • WINGS local Comprehensive Integration Support programmes;
  • Guidelines for the WINGS Comprehensive Integration Support Programme development;
  • 4 Country Storybooks;
  • Conference Paper for survivor-centred integration support.


  • Enhanced cooperation and understanding of practices already adopted by partners to foster language teaching, psychological support and employment counselling.
  • Increased understanding and strengthened capacities of project partners, experts and professionals regarding provision of durable survivor-centred solutions for integration of TCN women VoT.
  • Increased language skills, self-perceived wellbeing, self-perceived readiness of participant 15 TCN women VoT per country to integrate in the labour market and developed new competencies useful for employment.
  • Increased understanding of employers/policy makers and readiness to contribute to integration of TCN women VoT.


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WINGS – Supporting Women survivors of trafficking through a Comprehensive Integration Programme

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01/02/2022 – 31/01/2024

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DG Home Affairs – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)


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