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Thursday 1 December 2022

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Given that the most reported form of trafficking in human beings in the European Union is trafficking for sexual exploitation (67%) and the vast majority of survivors of human trafficking are women (95%), it is clear that this issue needs to be addressed through a policy framework that emphasizes the need for human rights-based and gender-specific approaches.

In fact, believing that the escape from trafficking is favored by full inclusion and autonomy, the WINGS program intends to maximize the opportunities for social and work inclusion of women survivors of trafficking.

WINGS local program

In order to achieve this objective, we are currently working together with a linguistic expert, an employment counsellor and an ethnopsychologist expert on the design of the WINGS local empowerment program.

The WINGS program foresees the creation and implementation of a 48-hour language course designed to effectively involve women with a medium level of education and a personalized employment counselling path to support their inclusion in the local labour market.

Individual solutions will be developed, in which the intervention of an employment consultant will allow the identification of career paths suitable for the aspirations and previous skills of the women involved in the empowerment program.

To maximize the opportunities for labour inclusion, the participants will be implicated in internships of at least 80 hours in the local companies and organizations.

For this reason, we are currently working on the identification of employers interested in involving women in their work activities.

Employers who take part in the project will have the opportunity to join a network of companies committed to corporate social responsibility, having the opportunity to weave networks of relationships with other companies in the area.

If you have a job to offer and want to find out what we can do together, visit www.socialhut.eu or contact Ruta Grigaliunaite: ruta.grigaliunaite@cesie.org. Together we can do better!

About the project

WINGS – Sostegno alle donne sopravvissute alla tratta attraverso un programma di inclusione is a project cofunded by by Erasmus+, DG Home Affairs – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), Assistance, support and integration of third-country national victims of trafficking in human beings.


For further information

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Contact Ruta Grigaliunaite: ruta.grigaliunaite@cesie.org.