Migrants, Human Rights, Democracy – Presenting the TRUST Project at UNIPA Summer School

Monday 26 June 2023

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Migrants, Human Rights, Democracy. This was the focus of the 17th UNIPA Summer School that was held in June in Palermo. This event brought together international students from across the world to explore critical issues related to human rights and vulnerability in the Euro-Mediterranean region, all set against the backdrop of Palermo, in the heart of the Mediterranean.

TRUST project  addresses the pressing issue of hate against Muslim Community and its profound impact on Muslim women. Our primary goal was to examine this challenge within the context of Italy and develop coordinated policy responses. Our research focused in three Italian cities: Palermo, Milano and Trento with trentin’s territory, where we observed a troubling increase in hate speech and hate crimes against vulnerable Muslim communities, with a specific focus on Muslim women.

In Italy, this project sought to address the vulnerability of a group that is disproportionately affected by intolerance, racism, and xenophobia other than gender based violence. The research in the framework of the project have shown that incidents of discrimination and hate crimes against this community tend to be underreported, compounding their suffering.

That is why we initiated a participatory dialogue involving representatives from Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), local authorities, civil society organizations (CSOs), and community leaders. This collaborative approach aimed to identify the most effective approaches and solutions to assist victims and shed light on situations that often go unreported.

TRUST, dig into the root causes of underreporting and under-recording by fostering a dialogue between LEAs, local authorities, CSOs, and community leaders from vulnerable communities. The overarching goal is to create an environment conducive to collective problem-solving, ultimately facilitating the reporting and documentation of discrimination and hate crimes against Muslim women.

Having the opportunity to represent this ongoing project to an international community was effective in demonstrating how, with a strategic approach, it is possible to address community problems, contextualize and understand them, and work together to find solutions.

About the project

TRUST – Tackling Under-Reporting and Under-Recording of Hate Speech and Hate Crimes Against Muslim Women is a project funded by by Erasmus+ programme Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers, CERV-2021-EQUAL.


For further information

Read more about TRUST, visit trust-project-eu.info, follow us on LinkedInInstagram and Facebook.

Contact Cinzia Broccolo: cinzia.broccolo@cesie.org.