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Friday 8 October 2021

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How to prevent and rethink the environmental impact of tourism activities? Experiences and strategies from the 1st multiplier event of the ECHO-Tourism project in Croatia.

On October 6th, 2021 the 1st multiplier event of the ECHO-Tourism project took place in Brac (Croatia) with more than 50 participants from the tourism sector: hotels, tourism offices, local authorities, local producers, tourism service providers, supported by ECHO-Tourism partners from Croatia, Italy (CESIE association), France and Greece.

During the event, participants were informed about the purpose of the project and the tools developed to promote eco-sustainable strategies and behaviours in the tourism sector. The participants also had the opportunity to compare their experiences and to share reflections, concerns and strategies regarding the the local (natural and cultural) heritage of the island of Brac, and how to guarantee its preservation and promotion through tourist activities.

In the coming months, the main project resources will be finalized:

  • a guide for responsible tourism, containing a series of “eco-friendly” tips and practices to be adopted daily, both at home and when we travel,
  • a free online training course, containing 6 thematic modules (water, food, waste management, energy, local heritage, mobility) addressed to tourism professionals,
  • a list of key competences to be developed and monitored, to ensure a responsible approach to tourism,
  • a platform to monitor individual energy consumption. It’s a tool for assessing one’s environmental impact and adopting virtuous behaviours,
  • a methodological guide on how to implement the ECHO-Tourism project, containing both theoretical and practical contents related to responsible tourism.

All resources will be available here:

At the end of the event, the ECHO-Tourism partners met for the 5th transnational project meeting, and worked on the development of the ECHO-Tourism manual of instructions to help the beneficiaries in the implementation of public awareness activities and the promotion of eco-sustainable good practices.

In Italy, CESIE has already launched a series of activities, in contact with local hotels, environmental associations and local authorities in Palermo, taking part in various debates and public events:

Do you want to be part of the ECHO-Tourism network?

Register at: You will be able to map your tourism business, download the project resources and exchange with other professionals from the ECHO-Tourism network.

About the project

ECHO-Tourism is cofinanced by Erasmus+ programme: Key Action 2, Strategic partnerships Adult Education. ECHO-Tourism involves both tourism professionals and tourists to achieve greener and more sustainable tourism and adopt responsible environmental practices.


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