The Gender Talk platform: breaking the silence through empowerment

Monday 3 April 2023

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From 21 to 24 March 2023, the REBOOT NOW team in Palermo invited students, teachers and parents from the two middle schools where the project is active to discuss “The Gender Talk”. The online platform was tested through a series of workshops attended by a variety of users. Young people and adults were able to explore and discuss topics such as mental wellbeing, affectivity and sexuality, gender roles and the most common stereotypes when it comes to gender and sexuality.

The Gender Talk” workshops took place in the ICS “Silvio Boccone” and SMS “G. A. Cesareo” schools, where the REBOOT NOW project’s itinerant counselling desk is active, in which two psychologists and a pedagogical coordinator work. Here, together with members of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB), the team organised two workshops: one for students and one for educators and family members. The aim was to raise awareness and promote dialogue on topics such as mental health, stereotypes and gender-based violence by actively involving adolescents. All this was done by browsing the platform, which contains not only the online booking system for the help desk, but also a section of ‘educational resources’ where users can consult and download useful materials, e-games, research and methodologies on the topic.

The feedback we have received has been very positive and encouraging, as those who have participated have learnt new skills, openly expressed their opinions and discovered new realities. In particular, the group of adults expressed a desire to see these topics included in school curricula and training courses for teachers. According to their opinions, teachers and female teachers would need more tools and knowledge to support the student body.

On the other hand, the youth group worked on how to recognise ‘healthy’ from ‘unhealthy’ relationships. They also appreciated the ‘safe space’ created by the project and the fruitful discussion.

We believe that only through dialogue, experimentation and knowledge can we raise awareness of the promotion of psychological and sexual well-being. In this way, a real change in society can be produced, promoting more authentic and open communities, the eradication of inequalities, discrimination and gender-based violence.

Therefore, our commitment does not end here! Given the great success of the workshops, the two schools will participate in May in the Wellbeing Festival, a prevention, training and information event but also a celebration, in which the entire educational community will be involved.

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REBOOT NOW – Prevention of Gender-Based Violence in Schools after Lockdown is funded by DG: DG Justice – CERV Programme (2021-2027).


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