Festival on (inter)cultural heritage: the conclusion of the FuSION project

Thursday 20 April 2023

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FuSION, the project that involved six organizations from Italy, Spain, France, Kenya, Ecuador and India in developing new educational approaches, has concluded. Using nonformal methodologies, those who participated promoted the social inclusion of young people through the enhancement of (inter)cultural heritage.

Shortly before the project closed, each partner conducted the local contest and named the winning group. At that point, the winning groups from each country, together with the organization’s staff, youth workers and FuSION leaders, got to meet each other at the International Intercultural Festival, set up for the occasion.

Thus, from March 20 to 23, 36 people from the project partner countries met in Palermo, Italy. The festival turned out to be a successful event. Participants were able to dialogue, get acquainted and learn about each other’s culture, traditions and heritage.

Those involved took part in heritage treasure hunts, small cultural games, even making presentations about their own country. Finally, an event open to the public was held where the participants’ culture and heritage were celebrated.

During the event, groups from each country performed a music and dance show, telling local stories and wearing traditional clothing. It was an extraordinary moment, attended by more than 80 people who showed enthusiasm and enjoyment, even actively taking part in the dances.

Thus, the FuSION event proved to be the perfect conclusion to the project: bridges were built between people from different countries, intercultural dialogue was strengthened, and the audience was made aware of issues such as social inclusion.

Over the course of the project, all the activities carried out and resources developed meant that every person who came into contact with the project understood that it is necessary to preserve our cultural heritage, to know it, to share it, and to value its importance in everyone’s lives.

We wish to continue to spread this message. Therefore, we have produced some useful resources that can be used by other people to replicate our extraordinary experience.

The Gamification Kit and the Handbook on (inter)cultural heritage education are available on the official FuSION website.

About the project

FuSION – (Inter)cultural heritage education For Social InclusiON is a project financed by the DG EAC Erasmus+ program – KA2 Capacity Building in the field of Youth, which objective is to develop new educational methods for the valorisation of (inter)cultural heritage among young people.


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