A conference for the cultural and creative sectors in Kaunas

Tuesday 18 April 2023

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A final conference was organised on 4th April in Kaunas, Lithuania, by Social Innovation Fund (SIF) with the aim to celebrate the cultural and creative sector, its achievements and challenges due to the pandemic over the last years, and to inform participants about the NOVA project and results.

The Erasmus+ NOVA project started almost 2 years ago in 2021 to support the sector and to develop innovative solutions in order to empower people to become successful innovators and to unveil opportunities that can be sought in a critical context and contribute to the resilience of the following sectors: music, performing arts, visual arts, audio-visual arts, games & multi-media, design & fashion, artistic crafts, etc.

Adult educators from the partner countries (Lithuania, Italy, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Romania) gathered professionals from the creative and cultural sector to implement the NOVA programme “Flipped Studio Successful Innovator” and test the NOVA online learning platform developed in six languages. This training programme conducted by the adult educators is a combination of online learning through the online platform and face-to-face lessons. Through this programme, learners had the chance to improve their creativity and sense of innovation, to increase their possibilities to get employed or become self-employed or volunteer in the CCS.

In Italy, CESIE gathered 17 creatives who tested the NOVA e-learning platform and successfully participating in the Flipped Studio Successful Innovator programme improving their skills and knowledge in the CCS.

All the innovative tools developed within the NOVA project for creative learners and educators are available online on NOVA website.

If you would like to learn more about NOVA, please contact Simona Palumbo at simona.palumbo@cesie.org or visit the project website https://nova.lpf.lt/.

About the project

NOVA is financed by Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 2, Partnership for Creativity.


For further information

Read more about NOVA, see the project website https://nova.lpf.lt and follow us on Facebook.

Contact Simona Palumbo: simona.palumbo@cesie.org.