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Thursday 4 April 2024

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In 1951, Italy was facing a monumental challenge: bridging the illiteracy gap affecting some 6 million Italians, 13 percent of the population. This cultural gap not only generated glaring inequalities, but also severely limited the job prospects, social mobility and civic participation of millions of people.

Since then, Italy has made significant progress, with only 0.6 percent of the current population unable to read and write. However, as we celebrate this progress, we also face a new reality: theemergence of new forms of communication and a new kind of illiteracy. Just think of everyday life or the job market, each supported by a specific language: such as digital, financial or sustainability-related language. This is why, although most of us can read and write, the gap in job skills persists.

That’s where Citizens Xelerator comes in. The project aims to close the skills gap, not only to reduce social and economic inequalities, but also to promote more inclusive and informed civic and democratic participation.

Citizens Xelerator offers microlearning sessions focused on 11 social, cultural and work skills. These sessions allow people to acquire skills in a practical, informal and alternative way through a variety of group and individual activities. The skills offered range from technical skills, such as digital, financial, and media literacy, to organizational skills, such as entrepreneurship and career management, to interpersonal skills, such as social empathy and intercultural skills.

You can find more information about the skills package here.

If you are interested in attending one or more Citizens Xelerator sessions, or would like to learn more about the project, follow us on Facebook or contact Cinzia Broccolo: Your participation could be the first step toward a more equitable and inclusive future!

About Citizens Xelerator

Citizens Xelerator is a project funded by EACEA – ERASMUS-EDU-2022-PI-FORWARD.


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Read more about the project, visit and follow us on Facebook.

Contact Cinzia Broccolo:

Strengthening Research Support: a study visit to CESIE by Science and Research Center Koper

Strengthening Research Support: a study visit to CESIE by Science and Research Center Koper

As part of the KRPAN project – Strengthening Research Support and Activities for Progress on European Research Projects), Živa Semolič – project officer from ZRS Koper, Slovenia – joined a dynamic study visit hosted by CESIE ETS in Palermo. Visit aimed to enhance international collaboration and gain insights into organisational processes, project development, networking, administrative and financial project management.