Sharing efforts, working in the frontline to end trafficking in persons

Every year, thousands of children, women and men become victims of trafficking (VoTs) falling into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad. Get involved and celebrate World Day against Trafficking in Persons.

Innovative tools for educational and vocational counselling of young NEETs with mental health needs

What obstacles do people with mental health needs face in wanting to stop being a NEET and enter education, vocational training or labour market?
From these questions comes Work4Psy project aimed at developing innovative tools for educational and vocational counselling and guidance of young NEETs with mental health needs.

We owe it to Mario to establish the full truth. We cannot accept another unsolved case!

Mario was 33 years old; he was passionate about international cooperation and he always showed his commitment to peace and social justice. We urge authorities to launch a full and thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mario’s death, so as not to dismiss Mario’s death as another unexplainable tragedy.

Promoting transnational cooperation to support victims of trafficking

On the 25th – 26th of June, within the framework of the Tolerant project, CESIE together with its project partners organised an online Transnational meeting in order to foster international dialogue and exchange best practices about reintegration and labour integration of victims of trafficking. 

RENYO training session: educators reflect on alternative education methodologies for young offenders

The RENYO online training sessions have recently concluded. With about 15 educators involved, they were a great moment of exchange and reflection to discuss about alternative methodologies to work with young offenders and young people at risk.


DISC – Working towards digital literacy and more inclusive societies

DISC – Working towards digital literacy and more inclusive societies

For many people the last few months have been challenging. The global health crisis we have been experiencing uncovered many shortcomings of both, our health care systems and our societies as a whole. However, tough periods also foster creative and innovative solutions. Partly transferring education, business and social activities to the online space has allowed many groups of people to find some normality in midst of the chaos and has had a strongly positive and regenerative effect on our environment.

You have a CHOICE to STE(A)M IT with SteamOnEdu!

You have a CHOICE to STE(A)M IT with SteamOnEdu!

A very successful clustering session took place during the SteamOnEdu project meeting on 26 June.
First, Achilles Kameas of CTI presented our SteamOnEdu project and emphasised the importance and potential of collaboration and synergies among our three projects.

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