Volunteers for unaccompanied foreign minors: between needs and challenges

In the last 6 months, the VOLUME project partners carried out research and interviews in order to have a complete picture of the needs of volunteers and unaccompanied minors.

Entrepreneurial motivation and empowerment resources for entrepreneurs in the creative sector

The CTF project aims at providing aspiring or new entrepreneurs in the creative sector with attractive training materials for self-study, to deepen their understanding of the creative sector and have the tools, the motivation and the inspiration necessary to prosper within the sector.

Performers Go Online: a new project to support artists during pandemic

In the last year, the cultural sector has encountered many difficulties due to the pandemic: what tools and skills need to be developed to overcome the crisis? Learn more about the project!

Handicraft as a tool for intercultural exchange: MyHandScraft at the final event of the “Recycle in Fashion” project

Wednesday, July 14th, CESIE presented the project MyHandScraft during the final event of the project Rinf – “Recycle in Fashion”.

Creating bridges between universities and the handcraft society

HANDS project aims at creating a bridge between the craft society and the academic world providing more employment opportunities to graduates in the field.


PASSAGE Project has started!

PASSAGE Project has started!

Which are the school inclusion practices for Newly Arrived Minors in the countries of the European Union? Discover the objectives of the PASSAGE project!