SUPEER: the intercultural peer-to-peer programme that pursue at overcoming barriers to integration

6 December 2019Migration

At the beginning of October, the partners of the SUPEER project – Sustainable integration through peer-to-peer support – met in Austria to start the planning and structuring of the peer-to-peer intercultural programme which will involve native and foreign young people in a process of mutual integration and common learning.


The aim is to create a common and intercultural network as a co-productive forum for young people from minority and majority communities to develop awareness, test new activities, plan and share together, giving young people the opportunity, among other things, to improve their self-esteem and social, relational and communication skills.

The importance of the peer-to-peer methodology lies in the fact that it is an approach that allows free confrontation, without fear, in which there is an exchange of experiences, ideas, values, different cultures, in the search for meeting points that enhance diversity and differences; a confrontation that acts as an agent of socialization and integration and that leads to the maturation of awareness, both with respect to the issues covered by the learning process, and with respect to self-awareness, of the individual and the group as a whole.


The bond of similarity and equality, perceived between the subjects, is therefore the basis of the effectiveness of the methodology and therefore of the intercultural network that young peers will build.


The programme, which will start in the coming months in each partner country of the project, will include training on key issues, training on peer tutoring and various activities for intercultural exchange, including cultural events, learning workshops, art events, in a creative and autonomous process of co-creation between young people from majority communities and young people from minority communities.

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About the project

SUPEER – Sustainable integration through Peer-to-Peer Support is co-funded by  the Erasmus + program, Key Action 2 – Strategic partnerships in the youth field and aims to facilitate sustainable social and educational integration among young refugees/migrants/descendants through an innovative peer-to-peer methodology.


The project brings together partners from 6 countries:

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