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Tuesday 1 September 2020

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Three CESIE interns participated in a training programme focused on the application of the Design Thinking methodology during their project management internship within our organization.

The program, developed in the frame of CIM project, is based on collaborative learning and it is aimed at developing skills and abilities in line with the needs of the labour market, increasingly looking for staff with transversal skills related to creativity and problem solving. This is the idea behind the CIM project which has developed an innovative teaching and learning approach on Creativity and Innovation Management in the university and business environment.

This learning path integrates with the work done in a normal CESIE project management internship where the interns have the opportunity to experiment a mix of different tasks that lead to the acquisition of skills related to Project management and implementation, to the Project design, developed through a project writing exercise and sometimes through the drafting of project proposals and finally to Teamwork, competence developed through all the daily activities of the organization.

In addition, it was proposed a specific program dedicated to the acquisition of the Design Thinking methodology.

A mixed working group consisting of trainees and staff members was established from the early stages of the program. The group met periodically to address the six phases of the Design Thinking process over the course of four months, in parallel and in addition to the activities of the trainees engaged in developing their project management skills.

The team's work started in conjunction with the activation of the containment measures of the Covid-19, this brough the group to move all the activities and workshops to the virtual collaboration space Miro.

The topic of the collaborative project focused precisely on smart working, understood as the set of practices capable of making work fluid, effective and capable of creating value for workers and, being a third sector organization, for final beneficiaries. The program is completed with a self-assessment exercise and with the validation of the skills acquired.

On the occasion of two regional online workshops, the partners of the CIM project and other international stakeholders, who engaged in the development of the same internship dynamics, have started an exchange of experiences and knowledge that will improve and make their internships of the future more interactive and competitive.

About the project

CIM – Promoting Creativity and Innovation Management in an innovative blended learning and validation programme at the interface between higher education (HE) and business is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme – KA2 Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices – Knowledge Alliances for Higher Education.


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