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SHANARANI: Handbook for Trainers “European Gender Facts”

This Handbook is a comparative research of basic information about the status quo of gender equality and stereotyping in Europe, collected by the partnership in order to highlight different “pictures” in their countries.

SHANARANI: Handbook for Youth Workers “Music”

This Handbook analyses music to highlight the potential to reproduce stereotypes in those media and in the society.

SHANARANI: Handbook for Youth Workers “Film & Acting

This Handbook explores the meaning of film, theatre and acting in a useful handbook for youth workers.

BYMBE: Empowerment Pack

Training contents aimed to help young mothers to understand and manage their feelings and behaviors and interact successfully with people around them.

BYMBE Orientation Pack

An innovative approach based on professional and personal guidance and counselling to help young NEET mothers to find their own way into education and training and labour world.

BYMBE: Report on National Education and Support Services for young mothers in Italy

BYMBE Report provides a background of education systems and childcare provision as well as support services in Austria, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania and Spain.

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