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BYMBE – Set of Intervention Methods to Involve Young NEET Mothers

Innovative strategies and intervention methods for motivating young mothers to re-enter education, including guidelines for working with parents and peers and emergency management.

BYMBE – Support Pack

Approaches to support young mothers for the time they will have entered education in order to overcome crisis, doubts or other problems related to reentering education.

VIM – Learning units

Here you can find a collection of training activities the VIM team developed and collected for you. Our approach was to create activities on different aspects of health education, which are easy to implement in your courses with migrants.

MedLit: The Alchemy of Good Eating – The Multicultural Table of International Tastes

The Alchemy of Good Eating, is a journey for the senses, a proposal that crosses borders and continents to immerse the reader in a world of flavors, fragrances, colors and experiences of a group of women have chosen Palermo as a city of stay.

MedLit: Peer to peer approaches for migrant women

The Manual aims to provide, in simple and clear way, practical set of ideas, techniques and tools to motivate migrant women in skill-building framework promoting media and digital competences.

In&Out: RMA Workshop. Handbook for educators

The Reciprocal Maieutic Approach (RMA) is a dialectic method of inquiry and “popular self-analysis” for the empowerment of communities and individuals.

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To make the most out of our work in various subject areas and directed to different target groups, there is now a results’ catalog of products developed in the last years.

You can seek guidance, training and teaching material with a focus on the various methodologies, and much more.

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