RETHINK: new resources to help teachers enter into the logic of Remembrance Education

Friday 11 October 2019

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RETHINK: new resources to help teachers enter into the logic of Remembrance Education

11 October 2019Adult

We are proceeding steadly with the work of the project RETHINK – Remembrance Education for THINKing critically, aimed at increasing the skills of teachers and educators in the use of Remembrance Education to stimulate the development of critical thinking of young students to counter their prejudices, help them understand phenomena such as racism and radicalization and the role of the media in these processes.

The RETHINK Database, which contains good educational practices developed by memorials, museums, organizations and educational centers in Europe is being constantly updated. It allows teachers and educators to search for educational activities according to geographical, content and accessibility criteria, to organise activities at local level or during school trips.

Some practices hosted in the Database have been adapted to classroom work and tested in different schools in Europe. This work has produced the RETHINK Handbook for Teachers, an additional resource to help them enter into the logic of Remembrance Education.

During the last partnership meeting, which took place in Paris on 29 and 30 August, we listened to the teachers' opinions on the Handbook and we are in the process of revising it. It will soon be available on the project website and in the CESIE Digital Library.

During the meeting we decided on the training modules that will be part of the RETHINK e-learning platform for teachers and educators. In recent months the partners have carried out research and administered online questionnaires to teachers to analyse their needs and produce training modules that best match their needs.

Titles of the training modules:

  • 1 – Making the Past Relevant for Today
  • 2 – Applying Multiperspectivity to Remembrance Education
  • 3A – How to Handle Remembrance Site Visits: Before, During and After
  • 3B – Teaching with Video Testimonies of Victims of National Socialism
  • 3C – Making the Most of Digital Archives in Class
  • 4A – Dealing with Hate Speech
  • 4B – Addressing Propaganda Today
  • 4C – Deconstructing Prejudices and Stereotypes and Fighting Racism

The RETHINK e-learning platform will be active from March 2020. If you want to give us your opinion on the content of one or more training modules and how we can improve them, you can join the testing team.

About the project

RETHINK is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme – Key Action 3 – Support for Policy Reform – Social inclusion through Education, Training and Youth

The project aims to collect and upscale best practices in remembrance education developed by memorials, museums, organizations and educational centers active in this field and to produce teaching strategies tuned to formal education and work in classroom.

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