Young ambassadors of the cultural heritage: the “ouRouters” students are ready for the adventure!

Friday 26 July 2019

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Young ambassadors of the cultural heritage: the “ouRouters” students are ready for the adventure!

26 July 2019School

How to promote the sharing and the appreciation of Europe’s cultural heritage between youngsters, raising awareness about common European history and values?

How to create bridges between youngsters and other stakeholders, promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue?

The kick-off meeting of ouRoute took place at INOVA + Innovation Services (Matosinhos, Portugal) from 22th to 23th January 2019. The project has been introduced by Sara Brandão, senior project manager at INOVA+ and project coordinator. During the kick-off meeting, the partners from Portugal, Spain and Italy expressed their intention to coordinate the work methodology providing supporting tools and delivering common methodological approaches.

Why is ouRoute innovative?

The project aim to: 

  • To promote the “cultural routes” of the Council of Europe enhancing students and other stakeholders’ awareness on shared heritage;
  • To foster the inter-institutional dialogue involving individuals and organisations from education, cultural and creative sectors to promote the citizen-cultural heritage;
  • To encourage social inclusion and inclusive education for all learners, by the (re)discovery journeys and the “ethno-videographic” expeditions that put high school students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds and/or migrant ones at the centre;
  • To identify the good practices across the ouRoute partners countries and co-develop a final strategy to support the citizen-cultural heritage ecosystem.

We will cordinate the first phase of the project starting this February to provide an overview of the main cultural routes and sites in each partner country, identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as state-led policies and policies run by local authorities for the promotion of the national cultural routes. For this purpose, both CESIE and ouRoute partners will deploy several surveys and interviews targeting stakeholders working in different fields (students, teachers and school managers; local and national authorities; local actors of the cultural and creative sector).

The next project meeting will take place at CESIE on July 2019 together with the first international training course for teachers. The training course will enhance teachers’ knowledge and skills on research methods, providing tools for planning and carrying out the (re)discovery journeys and the “ethno-videographic” expeditions with their pupils around Europe, as we expect from 2020.


Il partenariato del progetto si compone di 6 organizzazioni:

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Contatta Laura La Scala,

You have a CHOICE to STE(A)M IT with SteamOnEdu!

You have a CHOICE to STE(A)M IT with SteamOnEdu!

A very successful clustering session took place during the SteamOnEdu project meeting on 26 June.
First, Achilles Kameas of CTI presented our SteamOnEdu project and emphasised the importance and potential of collaboration and synergies among our three projects.

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