OuRoute – “Citizen-cultural heritage”: Creating a new generation of cultural ambassadors through education and training

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  • To promote the sharing and appreciation of Europe’s cultural heritage, raise awareness about common history and values, reinforce a sense of belonging to a common European space.
  • To promote the “cultural routes” of the Council of Europe enhancing stakeholders’ awareness on shared heritage.
  • To promote social inclusion and inclusive education for all learners, by the (re)discovery journeys and “ethno-videographic” expeditions that put students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds and/or migrant backgrounds at the centre.
  • To promote school exchanges programmes favouring the intercultural dialogue and understanding of cultural diversity.
  • To support teaching and providing guidance/mentoring to teachers, helping them convey common values and promote active citizenship.


  • Mapping the citizen-cultural heritage expedition: outlining the landscape, providing a common view on the state-of-play, needs and expectations of the key actors inside and around school.
  • Organization of (re)discovery journey and citizen-cultural heritage weeks with pre-defined activities (cultural-heritage days, round-tables, inverse seminars).
  • Organization of several students’ exchanges, complementary to thee citizen-cultural heritage weeks, so that students can participate in the week activities of a different country.
  • Development of training programme for staff targeting teachers and focusing on how to engage and support students in the production of activities related to the project topics (common values and heritage, cultural ambassadors, social inclusion).
  • Creation of an online community hub which will be animated by users, together with the organisation of an international competition and the nomination of the “cultural ambassadors”.


  • Increased awareness, knowledge and understanding of good practices linked to the promotion of the cultural heritage.
  • Increased awareness, motivation and competence of both educational leaders and teachers about inclusive educational approaches and the promotion of common values.
  • Active engagement of students so to become “cultural ambassadors” engaging their school (in a whole school perspective that includes families), local communities (including actors with especial links to education such as youth associations and actors from cultural and creative sectors) and policy makers (at regional and national level) in activities planned, promoted and assessed by them.
  • Widespread of tools to support education: the project includes several actions and supporters to ensure that ouRoute approach, methodology, practices and resources are extensively widespread.
  • Newsletters.


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OuRoute – “Citizen-cultural heritage”: Creating a new generation of cultural ambassadors through education and training

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15/01/2019 – 15/06/2022

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EACEA, Erasmus+: Key Action 3, Support for Policy Reform – Social inclusion through Education, Training and Youth



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