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Tuesday 4 October 2016

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An alternative summer at school is possible. MIUR answers in this way, starting up projects through National Plan “La Scuola al Centro”, designed to address early school leaving in the suburbs, which sees the close work between Educational Institutions and Associations of the cities of Palermo, Naples, Rome and Milan.

In fact, summer 2016 had a different atmosphere for the students of the Institute “Amari-Roncalli-Ferrara in Palermo, which have spent the summer months with experts of CESIE, Officina Creativa Interculturale Association and ASD Baskin Palermo, realizing the project “DIRE, FARE, GIOCARE”.

Artistic, narrative and sportive workshops took turns, accompanying the hot summer days and making the school a place where the students can have fun, learn, experiment and play.

On September 7th of 2016, at Ferrara school complex, the activities of the project were concluded celebrating with students, parents and teachers and opening the doors to a new school year, with great enthusiasm and desire to do.

Within the project, CESIE has realized workshops on traditional and experimental painting techniques, enhancing the creativity and the ability to work of different groups of students between the ages of 6 and 12 years. The results have been amazing and all the works realized will be exhibited in the halls and classes of the Ferrara school complex.

Once again, the collaboration between Institutions and Association of third sector reconfirms a virtuous collaboration to build strategies in order to combat early school leaving. It is important also to strengthen the network of partnerships needed to accompany children and young people from risk territories in search of their own future.

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