Transcendental Meditation in European schools: Quiet Time programme goes in favour of students psychological well-being

Friday 6 December 2019

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Transcendental Meditation in European schools: Quiet Time programme goes in favour of students psychological well-being

6 December 2019School

The Quiet Time programme programme based on Transcendental Meditation is consolidating through the various schools of Europe where it has been implemented through the FRIENDS project and the last partners meeting confirms it …



The 4th partners meeting of the FRIENDS project – Fostering Resilience, Inclusive Education and Non Discrimination in Schools, was held in Brussels on 3rd December 2019 at the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation centre.

The 13 partners examined the results and the development of the two-years project, drawing important conclusions and ideas for continuing to benefit primary and secondary schools in various countries of Europe:


Results of the evaluation team

The results of the scientific analysis conducted on the psychological and behavioural profiles of the students and teachers who practiced Transcendental Meditation were shared within the working group by the evaluation team (Universidade do Algarve, ALMA MATER STUDIORUM – University of Bologna, Maharishi Foundation). The data emerged underline how the relational environment in the school, the students’ school performance and the stress and level of satisfaction of the teachers are addressed towards reducing stress and improving the different profiles examined.



Policy recommendations

The psychological well-being of the individual in education is fundamental and the practice of the Quiet Time programme based on Transcendental Meditation goes in favour of it. For this reason, for replicating and making the programme easily implementable, a series of recommendations have been developed to implement the program in educational institutions by political authorities in the field of education.


Online communities and networks

The FRIENDS project has been implemented in 4 European countries: Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Belgium.

At local level, in the schools that joined the program, various communities were created by creating a network of interest and support for the QT/TM programme. This allowed to trigger a virtuous exchange of experiences among the various schools, increasing the network of educational institutions keen to implement Transcendental Meditation as a daily practice during school hours.

This network extended from a local level to a national and then European one thanks to the FRIENDS online community which contributed to overcome barriers and geographical boundaries, with the primary objective of promoting social inclusion through education.


Final conference: 4 December 2019

Social inclusion through education: this was the main theme of the 4th meeting of the FRIENDS project. Various organizational and contents related to the FRIENDS final conference of the next day (4 December 2019, Royal Library of Brussels) have been revised in order to welcome and celebrate the experiences of the FRIENDS project shared by students, teachers and principals.


Our experience is not yet completed because the channels of the FRIENDS project will remain open and available to all schools and political authorities concerned in it, sharing lessons learned and recommendations elaborated through the two wonderful years of the FRIENDS project.

You will always be updated on news and experiences in progress regarding the Quiet Time programme based on Transcendental Meditation.


With FRIENDS, the world of school and the school is changing!



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