The final conference of the FRIENDS project

12 December 2019School

The final conference of the FRIENDS project – Fostering Resilience, Inclusive Education and Non Discrimination in Schools project summarized the wonderful results achieved during the two-years project through the Quiet Time programme based on the Transcendental Meditation!

At the end of the great experience of the FRIENDS partners, students, teachers and principals involved in the implementation of the Quiet Time programme (QT), in Brussels on 4th December 2019, shared what was learned and lived by the FRIENDS community born and intended to be expanded!

At the Royal Library of Brussels, the partners of the FRIENDS project brought together the school communities and authorities in the field of education who were involved in the QT program by virtue of the importance of social inclusion in Europe nowadays and how the education sector plays a fundamental role.

The session was opened by Fabrizio Boldrini (Hallgarten Franchetti Foundation – Villa Montesca Study Center, project coordinator) underlining the importance of how inclusive education promotes and determines a better development and well-being of the individual from the early years.

The QT programme based on Transcendental Meditation was thus analysed by the Professor of Education and Physics Ashley Deans, who explained in detail the benefits on the individuals from a scientific point of view deriving from the daily practice of Transcendental Meditation. The conclusions were how interactions and behaviours in every field and sphere of life are positively influenced by improving the well-being of the individuals.

From a general scientific report, the partners of the evaluation team of the FRIENDS project explained the evaluation conducted in the schools that joined the program during the FRIENDS project. The results presented concerned various aspects of the individual’s cognitive, behavioural and personal spheres that analysed on both students and teachers. The results provided showed that for the students and teachers who joined the program, the performances in various areas (personal, behavioural, education and professional ones) have seen a marked improvement with a significant beneficial impact for the entire school environment.

The positive impact and the systemic improvement in schools was explained by the professor of the Bocconi University of Milan, Alberto Bramanti, who traced the framework of the policy recommendations drawn up at the end of the project to promote its replicability in the various primary and secondary schools in Europe.

But the real protagonists were the students and teachers who attended the final conference, each one sharing their own direct experience and telling how the benefits of Transcendental Meditation improved their lives and education in schools.

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FRIENDS: Fostering Resilience-Inclusive Education & Non-Discrimination in Schools is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme under the Key Action 3 Support for policy reforms – Social inclusion through education, training and youth.

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