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Monday 24 April 2023

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The need to deliver trainings online or create video lessons emerged radically for many educators during the COVID health crisis. The crisis left us with a better acceptance of such digital transmissions, making them more and more mainstream. Some may argue that a good presence online is not different at all from a good presence in real life settings, and the only difference is technology. Such a perspective would imply that we only need to upskill ourselves with technological knowledge and skills: what microphone to use, which online learning platform to use etc. However we believe that the dynamics of online activities or the quality of a recorded session may be quite different, implying new challenges on the dimensions we worked on in the project. The video lessons we present here revisit our six dimensions in the online context. We do not focus on the technological aspects, but on how the difference between on- and offline sessions concerning the use of space, movement, on our chances of creating connections, etc

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