INTEGRA: Ageing – out youth towards autonomy needs report

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The present Contextual needs analysis report, resulting from INTEGRA research activities, consolidates the needs of UAMs who are staying in the reception facilities and the professionals who are working within support structures for the efficient autonomy processes of UAMs. The research was implemented during August – November 2018 in Palermo, Italy by CESIE, and data was collected through observation, interviews with different actors, and Children Consultancy group. The research findings revealed the importance to ensure better communication and coordination between the reception centre for minors and centre for adults, as well as different centres for minors; and better cooperation between different authorities, organisations and public offices.



  • Migration;
  • social inclusion;
  • social integration;
  • children;
  • youth


Youth workers / Young People / Youth Organizations / Schools / Students

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DG JUST – Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020)

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