Recommendation policy for improving synergies on youth mobility programmes

The 2007-2008 financial crisis has seriously damaged the global labour market situation, with an alarming increase of youth unemployment rate . The conventional measure of “youth” refers to the age group 18-24 , and the Policy would draw particular attention on this specific target group because, in a few years, they could face the same difficulties that “young adults” have been facing since the crisis erupted.

The aim of the Recommendation Policy is to identify recommendations for improving the synergy of the program within the 2014-2020 framework .

It is structured in three main sections:

  1. The first section compares economic data and statistics on youth unemployment in Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Portugal.
  2. The second section take into account the needs expressed by a changing labour market, with reference to abilities and skills that young workers should acquire in order to get access to it.
  3. The third one mentions some authoritative statements made by international organizations about the recognition of soft skills, and the positive impact generated by mobility projects on youth employability.

Target: Giovani, Organizzazioni della società civile

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