Action for Change – Transnational Project Evaluation and Field Research Report

This report summarises the key findings from the evaluation of the transnational Action for Change project, which has been funded by the European Commission.

Action for Change has sought to test effective models of support for individuals who have experienced domestic violence and who have had, or are at risk of having, children removed into protective care. Four pilots, implemented across Hungary, Italy, Romania and the United Kingdom were designed to address the needs of this client group. The support aimed to end the violence participants had experienced and increase the stability in their lives. Consequently, the support intended to keep any further children from being taken into care, enable participants to have further children, and (where possible) for children to be returned to their care if they were previously removed. The report includes an overview of existing evidence on child removals and domestic violence in each of the partner countries, and findings related to effective models of support – building from the perspective of managers, practitioners and service users.

Target: Policy-makers; authorities; scholars; organizations of the civil society; researchers in intimate partner violence, gender violence, child witnessed violence; social workers; social service practitioners; anti-violence organizations and services

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