Action for Change – Transnational Desk Top Literature and Best Practice Review

This report summaries key findings from literature and desk based reviews carried out by evaluators spread over four different jurisdictions within the European Union, seeking to collate existing evidence relating to the experience of intimate partner and domestic violence and child protection, and any interaction between these significant issues.

The desk-based research was carried out as part of wider evaluation of the Action for Change project, funded by the European Commission. The summary draws together key findings from the desk based research conducted by Action for Change partners representing the UK, Romania, Hungary and Italy, with a view to providing an overview of the existing evidence base, and some context to current service delivery. In doing so it provides an initial assessment of the need for support geared towards domestic violence survivors at risk of having their children taken into protective care and the current gaps in this type of service provision. In the broadest sense, pilots being implemented by partners through the Action for Change project, are designed to test models which can effectively address this gap and highlight any key learning in doing so.

Target: Policy-makers; authorities; scholars; organizations of the civil society; researchers in intimate partner violence, gender violence, child witnessed violence; social workers; social service practitioners; anti-violence organizations and services

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