Action for Change – Italy Project Evaluation and Field Research Report

This report presents the findings of the research undertaken by CESIE – – in the framework of the Action for Change project.

Action for Change is a project co-funded by the Daphne Programme of the European Commission to develop best practices beneficial for the reduction of child removal from women victims of domestic violence.

The multi-approach research was carried out between March 2015 and September 2016 with the aim of establishing the current knowledge and needs surrounding domestic violence and child removal, and especially to evaluate the pilot project set up in the region of Umbria by Borgorete, other Italian partner in the project, in order to support women victims of domestic violence in recovering their parenting skills.

The first part of the present document therefore sets the basis of the research, identifying the context in which the experimental project was implemented. On the other hand, the second part of the report presents the findings from the evaluation of the pilot project, collected through a longitudinal qualitative study with the victims participating in the project in Terni and Perugia, two cities in Umbria, Italy.

Target: Policy-makers; authorities; scholars; organizations of the civil society; researchers in intimate partner violence, gender violence, child witnessed violence; social workers; social service practitioners; anti-violence organizations and services

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