Action for Change – Best Practice Toolkit

The aim of this Best Practice Toolkit is to demonstrate the approaches and methodologies that can be implemented across Europe to support people affected by domestic violence, who have had or are at risk of having their children removed.

The interventions outlined in this toolkit have been selected because these activities were delivered in the pilot projects, and were raised as good practice during: the pilot project evaluations, transnational workshops, local steering groups and the Women’s Shadow Board meetings. It has been designed as an accessible document that can be used by practitioners and managers when establishing a service for individuals who have lost or are at risk losing a child to care because of domestic violence, a client group for whom provision is currently lacking. The Action for Change project has demonstrated that the interventions within this toolkit can be effective to engage clients, address their needs and create positive change and stability in their lives. Therefore, we recommend that such activities are considered when new services are being designed and developed. It is also hoped that project outputs, including this toolkit, will be able to raise awareness of this client group and their complex needs more generally.

Target: Policy-makers; authorities; scholars; organizations of the civil society; researchers in intimate partner violence, gender violence, child witnessed violence; social workers; social service practitioners; anti-violence organizations and services

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