YUPAD – YoUth PArticipatory budgets empowering young people using big Data

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The YUPAD project aims to enable young people to understand, practice, and influence youth participatory budgets across European cities. Specifically:

  • To develop a comprehensive view of already existing grass-root and policy practices in youth participatory budgets combining the research, policy, and youth work practices;
  • To create and put in place local policy mechanisms for participatory budgets;
  • To develop the capacity of educators to provide quality non-formal educational activities for young people on topics of youth participatory budgets;
  • To enable local authorities to put in practice youth participatory budgets using big data while addressing digital transformation;
  • To ensure the sustainability of project results by developing the community of practitioners from across Europe.


  • Research on current trends, opportunities and best practices on methods for participatory budget at the local, national and international levels;
  • Data collection, analysis of good practices and interviews with participants and key stakeholders;
  • Promotion of participatory budget and capacity building activities on using big data for youth, educators and policy makers.


  • YUPAD Calculator, methodology and the platform: ’Big Data Youth Budgets’;
  • Report & recommendations on participatory budget.


  • Increased understanding about youth participatory budgets among educational/policymaking supporting organisations and consultants;
  • Better guidance to the new incomers in the field of youth participation and Big Data;
  • Youth participatory budgets incorporated on local, national and international level through respective legislation.


Il progetto

YUPAD – YoUth PArticipatory budgets empowering young people using big Data

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01/03/2022 - 01/02/2024

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Partnership for Cooperation in the field of Education and Training - European NGOs


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