YUPAD – YoUth PArticipatory budgets empowering young people using big Data

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Enable young people to understand, practice and influence participatory budgets across European cities, develop the capacity of educators and local authorities to implement participatory budgeting and increase civic participation among youth.


Since 2010, the share of young Europeans aged between 15 and 24 interested in politics has increased. In 2016 over half of them declared to be moderately or strongly interested in politics. Contrary to the claim that young people are increasingly disaffected with politics, levels of interest in political issues in Europe seem to have experienced an upturn amongst young people in recent years (2018, Situation of young people in the European Union, Commission Staff Working Document, pag 82).

Research has identified the main reason behind this renewed sensitivity to political issues in young people: their increasing use of new media for social and civic communication. Social media such as podcasts, wikis, blogs, and online networks are recognised as tools that can greatly facilitate participatory and peer-based politics, allowing individuals and groups to connect and discuss issues of public concern.

On the other hand, democratic participation is the issue considered the least important among those highlighted in the surveys completed with young people across Europe. Nevertheless, even though more young people identify themselves as European citizens, this does not seem to translate into the opinion that fostering democratic participation should be a priority for the EU.


  • To develop a comprehensive view of already existing grass-root and policy practices in youth participatory budgets combining the research, policy, and youth work practices.
  • To create and put in place local policy mechanisms for participatory budgets.
  • To develop the capacity of educators to provide quality non-formal educational activities for young people on topics of youth participatory budgets.
  • To enable local authorities to put in practice youth participatory budgets using big data while addressing digital transformation.
  • To ensure the sustainability of project results by developing the community of practitioners from across Europe.


  • Research on current trends, opportunities and best practices on methods for participatory budget at the local, national and international levels.
  • Data collection, analysis of good practices and interviews with participants and key stakeholders.
  • Promotion of participatory budget and capacity building activities on using big data for youth, educators and policy makers.



  • Increased understanding about youth participatory budgets among educational/policymaking supporting organisations and consultants.
  • Better guidance to the new incomers in the field of youth participation and Big Data.
  • Youth participatory budgets incorporated on local, national and international level through respective legislation.


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YUPAD – YoUth PArticipatory budgets empowering young people using big Data

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01/03/2022 - 01/03/2024

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Partnership for Cooperation in the field of Education and Training – European NGOs



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