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  • To provide youth, especially youth with fewer opportunities, with learning opportunities and resources to attain an active presence in the public sphere, conceptualize, structure and promote their perceptions, views and suggestions in their fields of interest.
  • To support organizations and personnel working in the field of youth to be in a position to empower, train, guide and support youth in becoming active citizens and foster civic participation.


  • Desk research and a needs assessment on the active citizenship of young people will be conducted in each country.
  • The final version of the Curriculum will be tested by at least 10 key stakeholders.
  • At least 10 stakeholders will participate at the dissemination event that will be organized by each organization in 5 different countries.
  • Interactive eLearning platform will be tested by a group of youth educators/trainers and other interested stakeholders.



  • The young people will develop and strengthen skills necessary for active citizenship such as critical thinking, media literacy, digital skills, public speaking etc.
  • Using the curriculum, young people will acquire new skills, integrate cutting edge technology tools to develop active citizenship. The final version of the Curriculum will be used to implement the material with at least 10 key stakeholders in each partner country.
  • Youth will become familiar with the tools and activities can be carried out in order to engage in local communities.
  • With the platform Youth educators/trainers will be encouraged to access and benefit from these by learning more about youth civic engagement and active citizenship, leadership competencies. At least 100 youth educators/trainers from all countries will register on the eLearning platform.
  • The consortium will reach at least 10 policymakers per year both at a national, regional, and/or local level. At European level it is composed of more than 200 organizations, non-formal youth education providers, youth centers, NGOs, institutions, academics, and experts, and through the dissemination activities it is envisioned to promote extensively the project’s results.


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YOULead – Empowering YOUth taking the Lead towards active citizenship

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01/03/2022 – 29/02/2024

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KA220-YOU – Cooperation partnerships in youth



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