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Most studies and statistics agree that being born into a family in economic poverty can determine the future of younger girls. Financial constraints hinder access to higher education, good quality food, personal care and choices in the use of leisure time.

Young girls who come from socially excluded and disadvantaged families are likely to remain in the same social class as their parents and suffer exclusion themselves because of the cultural background and patterns they inherit from the family environment that result in their lack of social, emotional and cognitive skills. In addition, the current pandemic of COVID has highlighted how distance learning decreases the active participation of youth in poverty by increasing their state of isolation.


  • Improve personal finance management among girls and young women suffering from social exclusion.
  • Increase the potential, quality and comprehensiveness of services on financial education provided by NGOs.
  • Develop the skills of youth workers and leaders in the field of supporting marginalized young women.


  • Conduct research on the situation of young women at risk of marginalization in EU countries.
  • Develop an educational kit in the field of financial education for use by nongovernmental organizations for the benefit of girls and young women and youth workers working with them.
  • To offer a training course to increase the potential, quality and comprehensiveness of services on financial education provided by NGOs.



  • 20 NGOs from the project partner countries will receive specific training in financial education
  • more than 500 people will have the opportunity to read the report on the situation of girls and young women at risk of marginalization in EU countries
  • 15 youth leaders and youth workers from member NGOs will be actively included in the development of the teaching tools
  • 150 girls and young women will take the pilot course on improving personal finance management
  • promotional and dissemination activities will reach 5,000 target audiences


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31/05/2022 – 30/05/2024

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Erasmus+ KA220-YOU – Cooperation partnerships in youth Call 2021



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