SUCCESS – Strategies to Utilise and Cultivate positive Characteristics & Employability Skills in Schools


  • To improve high school students employability skills and their positive emotions, psychological resilience, support character strength development and self-development.
  • To support the needs of high school students during the transition phase from school to vocational training and employment.
  • To support professional development and increase capabilities of school counsellors leading to a more positive interaction with high school students during career counselling sessions.
  • To enhance well-being and resilience levels of school counsellors.


  • Comparative Literature Review in all partner countries summarizing the most important sources, practices and researches of the needs of School Counsellors
  • SUCCESS Training Package
  • SUCCESS Online Educational Platform


  • Conducting Current Needs analysis of School Counsellors to identify trends, services and best practices related to school counsellors, non-formal education and training based on positive psychology approach at national and international levels.
  • Design and development of SUCCESS Training Package: SUCCESS Handbook for School Counsellors and High School Students and Guide to the Handbook.
  • Development of SUCCESS Online Educational Platform containing information about the project’s objectives, training methodology and the SUCCESS educational package.


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01/09/2017 – 31/08/2019

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