SOFIE – Support for empowerment and integration of refugee families


  • To promote professional, social and cultural integration of migrants and refugees.
  • To create a holistic set of tools, guides of best practice and curricula for trainings to support the inclusion process of migrants and refugees the most effectively.
  • To support mother and child interaction for the learning process of second language (L2, the host country language) and important host society knowledge acquisition.
  • To increase the training of trainers and volunteers working with refugees.


  • Improved integration of migrants, especially such vulnerable groups as women and children providing a better joint response to the nowadays crisis to ensure the better integration into the EU society.
  • Fostered social dialogue on inclusion issues and the need for integration measures for refugee families.
  • Improved recommendations for organisations and trainers on how to prepare volunteers working with refugees.


  • Development of “Guidelines for Best Practice of Inclusion” based on needs analysis of refugee families.
  • Elaboration of a training for mothers and children focused on fostering language skills and integration of refugee families.
  • Creation of “SOFIE” online tool and platform.
  • Development of a trainers training for adult educators, second language teachers, social workers and trainers working with refugee women and children.
  • Creation of a guide for best practice for buddying/mentoring.
  • Delivery of e-training for buddying/mentoring.


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01/10/2017 – 31/03/2020

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