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  • To improve competitiveness of hospitality and tourism sector by fostering productive, professional, efficient and motivated seasonal workforce in three key areas – front-line operations, food and beverages services and housekeeping.
  • To develop a training methodology of work-based learning adaptable to local and regional context.
  • To assist in-house trainers to develop skills and training techniques for effective work-based learning.
  • To provide seasonal workers with the proper mix of skills, knowledge and attitudes required in hospitality.
  • To provide recommendations to stakeholders for the further development of a sustainable work-based learning methodology at regional and national level.


  • Researching the best practices and analysing needs through interviews, focus groups and surveys in all partner countries.
  • Designing a work-based learning programme taking in account the needs of employers in hospitality sector.
  • Testing and piloting of the SeasonReady training materials in front office, food and beverage and housekeeping section of hospitality enterprises in all partner countries.
  • Streamlining and producing a Guide for policy makers, stakeholders and VET providers.
  • Developing new networks and synergies as a result of contacting stakeholders during the exploration of exploitation possibilities, sharing of knowledge, ideas and good practices.


  • A research report considering regional contexts in partner countries and preconditions for successful introduction of work-based learning.
  • A methodological framework of work-based learning for seasonal workers in tourism and hospitality.
  • Training material tailored to the needs of seasonal hospitality workers, to be delivered in the context of work-based learning.
  • A guide providing recommendations to stakeholders for the sustainable exploitation of project products.


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SeasonReady – Work-based learning for seasonal hospitality workers

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Erasmus+, KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Strategic Partnerships for VET



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