RETHINK: (Re)Think Before Act – Alternative Narratives to Violent Extremism

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  • To prevent vulnerable audiences from starting a social process of radicalisation, by offering them resilience mechanisms and critical thinking skills framed in a human rights framework.
  • To support the deradicalization of radicalised individuals by providing an alternative narrative that deconstructs the extremist rhetoric.


  • Building the capacity of project staff on campaigning to counteract extremism.
  • Editing and producing of video material addressing issues such as:  community belonging, Islam and fundamental rights, risks associated with extremism, debunking social myths, far-right extremist group, critical thinking, and local community engagement against extremism.
  • Carrying out debates in schools, religious and immigrant communities on extremism and critical thinking.
  • Developing 7 social media campaigns through Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Researching and evaluating the impact of the campaigns.   



The project

Project Number

Date of the project

12/11/2018 – 11/11/2020

DG of reference

DG Home Affairs, Internal Security Fund Police (2014-2020) – Civil Society Engagement Programme



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