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  • To produce a generic framework on how a local community could be transformed in an open educational resource for migrants, asylum seeker and refugees;
  • To develop, test and distribute a mobile application for presenting and evaluating learning challenges to the users by scanning QR codes;
  • To produce a database with 600 open learning challenges in different languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Greek);
  • To provide all the theoretical and practical information needed by trainer/facilitators in order to enhance their teaching by developing open learning challenges for migrants and refugees in a form of an interactive toolkit;
  • To provide a guide for other communities and towns wanting to replicate the project.


  • Creation of a game for mobile devices that will provides fun, informal leaning opportunities for migrants, asylum seeker and refugees located and grounded in the communities they live in;
  • Development of a roll-out pack for other towns wanting to use or adapt the game for their own community;
  • Creation of a data bank of learning challenges that are related to the physical, social and cultural environment the target group lives in and accessed through QR codes;
  • Work with community groups, societies and businesses to create the challenges or tasks and work with migrants, asylum seeker and refugees to create content to augment the physical environment and benefit of residents and visitors.


  • A generic framework (basic concept) on transforming a community into an open learning resource using gamification approach;
  • The OER Town Mobile application;
  • A Toolkit for trainers/facilitators;
  • A database of open learning challenges;
  • Roll Out Handbook for other communities wanting to replicate the project.


  • Improvement of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees’ basic and key skills as well as knowledge about the host community after completing the OER Town learning challenges;
  • Enrichment of communities in terms of knowledge and experience of their local environment;
  • Short, mid and long-term increase in inclusion of migrants, asylum seeker and refugees in learning activities;
  • Stimulation of new ideas and new actions based on the results achieved and resources created during the project implementation.


The project

Date of the project

01/10/2019 – 30/09/2021

DG of reference

Erasmus+ KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education




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