NATURAL – Natural Awareness Through Active Learning


  • To increase self-esteem and autonomy of volunteers through practical activities.
  • To make aware young people about the importance of Environment and organic/healthy food consumption.
  • To live and know different culture and lifestyle.


  • NATURAL Booklet: It summarises the European Volunteering Service experience of 12 young people. It collects information about the activities carried out and knowledge acquired during their stay in a Natural Reserve. Through this final product volunteers express their feelings and give suggestions about how to live “at the best way” EVS experience and Italian culture. This product has been realized by volunteers, with the technical support of CESIE.


  • Hosting of 12 volunteers for 1 month from Austria, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Hungary and Spain.
  • Preparing/planting/managing an organic garden.
  • Taking care of farm animals.
  • Collecting olives and following the production of olive oil.
  • Collecting wild fruit and following its production phases.


Info & contacts

Date of project

01/12/2011– 30/11/2013

DG of reference

DG EAC, Youth in Action, Action 2 European Voluntary Service

Department & Unit

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