Legali per volare

Legali per volare

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  • To develop policies against school drop-out
  • To develop mathematical and linguistic competences of the students with high risk of social vulnerability
  • To Experiment models of integrated intervention
  • To improve of the methodologicalandoperational teachers’ competences
  • Policy against social exclusion
  • Trainings for teachers and experts in the field of education
  • Activities for kindergarten (reading aloud, inventing stories, construction of animated books, etc..)
  • Stories about the history of the antimafia culture
  • Mathematical games
  • Dramatizations
  • Didattica F. Ferrara
  • Liceo Classico Vittorio Emanuele II
  • I.C.S. Madre Teresa di Calcutta

Institution of reference: Region of Sicily, Regional Department of Education – Educational Actions and of promotion of active citizenship and legality. Operational Programme for Convergence objective 2007/2013, European Social Fund, the Sicilian Region. Axis IV – Human Capital.

Date of project 2010 – 2011




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1 October 2010

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